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Topway's signature service

A banking device manufacture started multiple projects, using Topway 5", 7" and 9" Smart LCD modules.

Because of tight schedule, customer's demand on technical support was high. Upon receiving the request, Topway formed a special task force to work with customer's design team. Members from sales, engineer and after-sales traveled back-and-forth 50+ times to the client's development centre in another city, providing on-the-spot direct assistance. 

Topway members tirelessly tackled road blocks with customer's engineer team side-by-side(even during holiday), overcame many problems, such as high EMI noise caused by motor. During the multiple projects, Topway also helped laying out a clear path on how to integrate Smart TFT LCD in client's future BPS, ATM and VTM devices.

After 6 months' pushing forward, customer successfully launched products to market. And we gained the trust from another happy customer.